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Effort Reporting at MSU - A Primer (Archived)

Michigan State University has been doing effort reports since 1979

Effort Reporting audit disallowances and paybacks have occurred over the last number of years:
  • December 2008 - Yale University pays back $7.6M for cost transfers at the end of the project and charging 100% summer salary to grants while not working 100%.
  • June 2006 - University of Pennsylvania unknown payback after $9.2M questioned.
  • 2005 - Florida International University pays back $11.5M.
  • 2005 - Cornell's Medical School pays back $4.3M.
  • 2005 - East Carolina University unknown payback after $2.3M questioned.
  • 2005 - NSF IG Effort Reporting Audits (start 1/05) & HHS Draft Compliance Guide issued 11/05.
  • 2004 - John Hopkins University pays back $2.6M.
  • 2004 - Harvard University pays back $3.3M.
  • 2003 - Northwestern University pays back $5.5M.
The NSF Inspector General may perform an effort reporting audit at MSU!

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