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MSU Limited Submission Policy & Procedure (Archived)

Many funding agencies place limits on the number of pre-proposals, proposals, or applications that any one university may submit in response to a request for proposals. If a university exceeds the the agency limit, all the proposal submissions may be disqualified. The following policy was established to prevent disqualification of MSU submissions:

Due to the large number of programs, it is not possible for the Office of the Vice President of Research & Graduate Studies (OVPRGS) to provide notification of every limited submission opportunity. Therefore, it is the principal investigator’s responsibility to review the solicitation they are applying to and to notify the OVPRGS & OSP if s/he intends to make an application to a limited submission opportunity.

Please see the OVPRGS’s website for procedures on limited submissions.  OVPRGS will notify OSP when approval is given to the principal investigator to submit to the limited solicitation.

Institutionally limited fellowships submitted by graduate students are managed by the graduate school.  Please contact Dr. Judith Stoddart's office for more information and to receive approval to move forward with an application.

Judith Stoddart

Chittenden Hall
466 W Circle Dr. Room 220
East Lansing, MI  48824



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