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Research with Industry

MSU Business-CONNECT is the front door for industry to Michigan State University.

As part of our commitment to build relationships with Industry, Business-CONNECT negotiates and executes agreements with industry for activities such as:

  • Sponsored Research – research performed alone, or in collaboration with industry colleagues, funded by companies
  • Testing – the performance of set, predetermined, processes to support a company’s product-development needs
  • Consortium Building

Internal Routing & Approval of Industry Proposals

Projects funded by industry require both an agreement with the company and internal approval of the proposal. At the same time that you contact Business-CONNECT, you should also initiate internal review of the proposal, following the guidelines under OSP Proposal Preparation. Currently, all industry proposals are reviewed internally and approved by Charlene Fortin in Business-CONNECT. To initiate internal review, please send your budget, project start dates, deadline and, if the company provided one, a copy of the solicitation to Once the budget is approved by Business-CONNECT, please route the eTransmittal, budget/budget justification, and abstract or statement of work for proper approvals. (Check with your Chair and/or Dean's Office to see what other documents will be required to obtain necessary signature approval.)

The preaward process will be complete when the eTransmittal is approved and the agreement with the company is approved by Business-CONNECT. Business-CONNECT will forward the final, executed, agreement with the company to CGA for account setup. CGA will then assume the post-award responsibility for payments, invoicing, etc.

MSU faculty who want to work with industry should keep the following in mind: works proactively with both MSU faculty and industry to promote research partnerships that will:

  • Enhance the quality of the university’s research by bringing in outside ideas and expertise;
  • Bring additional research funding to MSU;
  • Increase awareness, for both faculty and students, of the real-world implications for academic research and provide research direction that is based on community needs;
  • Support development of better, more competitive, products for companies; and
  • Promote economic development.

Tips from Business-CONNECT

  • Start early. As soon as you are aware of a possibility of partnering with industry, bring your ideas to Business-CONNECT. Companies often work at an accelerated pace compared to academia; the sooner you get us involved, the better we can match that pace.
  • Be proactive. If you think your research has commercial applications, but you don’t know which companies can help you develop that, Business-CONNECT can work with you to identify partners.
  • Build relationships. MSU wants to build solid bridges to commercial partners. Engage with colleagues in industry when you meet them; treat a sponsored research project as a real partnership; follow through on obligations.
  • Protect MSU assets. Be aware of how your work can generate new intellectual property. Work with Business-CONNECT and MSU Technologies by discussing any IP potential of your work. Again, start early.

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