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New Subrecipient & MSU Commitment Forms (Archived)

The Office of Sponsored Programs is excited to announce the creation of a Subrecipient Commitment Form and a MSU Commitment Form.

The Subrecipient Commitment Form (also sometimes called a subaward commitment form) is required to be provided to any entity (Subrecipient) that MSU plans on subawarding/subcontracting to. This form should be completed by every Subrecipient and included with the Subrecipient’s proposal to MSU. Below are a few reasons why this form is being implemented by Michigan State University.

  1. It helps MSU comply with the new PHS Financial Conflict of Interest Regulations regarding Subrecipients.
  2. It collects data elements needed from the Subrecipient for the proposal submission (& associated awards).
  3. It documents the Subrecipient’s Authorized Official approval of the Subrecipient’s proposal and the Subrecipient’s agreement to the proposal terms and conditions.

The MSU Commitment Form is replacing letter of intent templates we have used in the past that were requested by Sponsors when MSU was the Subrecipient. This Form is to be used when MSU is the Subrecipient and if the Sponsor does not provide a form to us to complete & sign.

OSP would like to thank all the College & Department Administrators for their assistance in reviewing & providing input for the development of this form!

Please contact Gladys Raymond or Katie Cook should you have any questions or comments.

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