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Issue 36: Friday Updates, 6/29/18

Reminder that Form D Reports Are Available

Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) and Analytics and Data Solutions have developed a set of four (4) reports to assist in the development of the grant proposals section of Form D: FORM D – IV E GRANT PROPOSALS. We have received positive feedback on the reports from multiple Colleges across campus.

The reports are as follows:

  • Proposal Form D Official: Summarized university proposal information by PI
  • Proposal Form D Detailed: University proposal information by PI which lists additional details for each proposal
  • Award Form D Official: Summarized university award information by PI
  • Award Form D Detailed: University award information by PI which lists additional details for each award transaction

The reports may be accessed through the BI portal. Instructions and FAQs for navigating the new reports can be found on the SPA website by clicking on the links below:

Late and At-Risk Notification Emails Will Be Sent Out of KC

New functionality has been added to KC that allows the OSP Proposal Teams to send Late and At-Risk notifications to the PI and the initiator of a PD document through the KC system. The emails include a standard message and will very rarely be customized by OSP. We will be adding the email notifications to the system at the end of next week and we anticipate the OSP Proposal Teams will start using them beginning the week of July 9th.

Late Notifications

With this new functionality we are changing our process for late notifications at the request of the SPROUT group. We will now be sending late notifications the day before the proposal is considered late, informing PI’s of the priority process for on time and late proposals. A sample of the template email is as follows:

Dear Dr. XXXX:

This is a general reminder that the sponsor’s proposal deadline for your project titled,
"Test – proposal title" is fast approaching.

MSU’s deadline policy is to give priority to proposals considered
on-time.  If the proposal is received before tomorrow morning it
will be considered on-time and will take priority over late or
at-risk proposals.  More information regarding on-time, late and
at-risk proposal submissions can be found at the following link
MSU Proposal Submission Deadline Policy.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

At-Risk Notifications

The at-risk notification will be very similar to what is currently being sent. At-risk notifications are typically sent the morning of the deadline day. A sample of the at-risk template email is as follows:

Dear Dr. XXXX:

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) has not received your complete proposal.
Your late proposal is now considered At-Risk. Before OSP can review your
proposal you must obtain Associate Research Dean endorsement. Your proposal will
not be reviewed until the endorsement has been received by OSP.

Please send the following information in an email to your Associate Research
Dean to request endorsement:

  • * Proposal due date
  • * Proposal Development number XXXXX
  • * Explanation detailing the extenuating circumstances for the exception
  • * Other optional information: provide any other helpful status
    information for the research dean to use in their decision making
    (e.g. is the technical portion complete, has the detailed budget
    received approval from OSP, is the abstract complete, are the
    agency forms complete, etc.)

If your Associate Research Dean decides to allow the At-Risk proposal to move
forward, an email of their endorsement must be sent to

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Updated KC Budget Reports - #4, #7 and #8

We continue to work on enhancing the budget reports available in KC to make them more user friendly for campus. Last night we pushed enhancements to three of our budget reports. Highlights of the changes are as follows:

Budget Report #4 – Budget Summary Report

  • Adding Base Salary, Person Months, and Fringe Rate columns
  • To Be Named employees will now be broken out on separate lines rather than rolling them up
  • If a Group Description is added to a To Be Named Personnel Object Code (e.g. Grad Student) that description will appear on the report under the Budget Category it is associated with
  • Changed the sort order for named personnel to be sorted by first name, so AY and Summer salary lines will be grouped together for a named individual with the AY salary listed first
  • Rolled up subawards so they display only one line per subaward
  • Added the F&A base
  • Added page numbers
  • Added a table on the last page of the report with cumulative totals
  • Added the option to export to Excel

Budget Report #7 – Industrial Budget Report

  • Included fringe in the personnel line totals
  • Incorporated F&A into the budget line items
  • Added the option to export to Excel

Budget Report #8 – Industrial Cumulative Budget Report

  • Included fringe in the personnel line totals
  • Incorporated F&A into the budget line items
  • Report adds up to the Total Cost of the Project
  • Rolled up budget categories for a simple consolidated report (e.g. all personnel costs roll up under one line for Personnel)
  • Added the option to export to Excel

Name Change for Fee-for-Service F&A Rate Type

We have made a small name change to the Fee-for-Service F&A base within the KC Budget Module. Previously the name included in the F&A Rate Type dropdown was “FEE FOR SERVICE.” The new name within the dropdown is “FEE FOR SERVICE – TDC”. This is to help clarify that the Fee-for-Service option calculates using the TDC methodology.

Fee for Service - TDC option highlighted in the F and A Rate Type dropdown menu

FY 18/19 Fringe Rates Will Soon Be in KC

FY18/19 fringe benefit rates will be added to the KC system early next week. This will include SI rates for faculty and staff, research associates and graduate student health benefits. A separate announcement will be sent on the SPA listserv once the rates have been added.

If you have already created a budget and would like to incorporate the new rates you will need to click the “Sync Rates” button in the Fringe Benefits panel and in the Flat Rate Inflation panel on the Rates tab.

Sync Rates button indicated on the Fringe Benefits and Flat Rate Inflation panels

If you have copied a proposal you will need to sync rates in the budget. 

 If OSP has already approved your budget and you’d like to revise it to pull in the new rates, you must change the status back to Not Approved in order for the Sync Rates buttons to appear.  If you take this action please let your Proposal Team know so they can re-approve the budget.

 On the contrary, if you are close to finalizing your budget and do not want to pull in the updated rates do NOT click the Sync Rates buttons on the Rates tab. 

 If you have any questions related to the calculations please contact your Proposal Team or the KC helpdesk.

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