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Grant Application/Proposal and Reporting Submission Sponsor Deadlines

As faculty respond to the requests and needs of students and related issues, completing grant applications/proposals and reports may be challenging.  Several sponsoring agencies have procedures for consideration of late proposals and reporting.  The procedures and flexibility associated with these policies vary greatly between agencies.  For those that allow an extended timeframe, it generally coincides with the length of time an institution is closed for an emergency, though there has been some flexibility due to extenuating circumstances, e.g., NIH caps the proposal submission delay to two weeks when a grant application meets certain criteria.

  • OSP will facilitate requests for grant proposal deadline extensions/approval for late submissions.  For any questions associated with delaying proposal submission, please contact your OSP proposal team at OSP Contacts by College.
  • CGA will facilitate requests for extensions to grant programmatic reporting deadlines.   If you have questions, please contact the CGA Cash Management Group.

As indicated above, OSP/CGA will facilitate requests with the sponsors, but in case you would like to review what NIH and NSF have posted on this topic, here are three of the notices: 


Thank you for your continued efforts.


Twila Fisher Reighley, Assoc. VP for Research, Sponsored Programs Administration

Katherine (Katie) R. Cook, Executive Director, Office of Sponsored Programs

Evonne (Evo) Pedawi, Executive Director, Contract and Grant Administration


(This message was originally sent via email to the Sponsored Programs ListServ on 2/21/23.)

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