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Instructions for How to Attach User Attached Forms

Some application packages pull in the complete list of mandatory forms when you retrieve the opportunity from the S2S Lookup. Other application packages have mandatory forms that do not automatically pull in, and will need to be attached as User Attached Forms. The opportunity will pull in to the S2S tab even if mandatory User Attached Forms have not been attached, however you will not be able to route the proposal until the mandatory form(s) are attached.  Instructions on how to attach a User Attached Form are provided below.

When the opportunity is pulled into the proposal, the mandatory form will display as follows in the Forms subpanel:PHS Human Subjects and Clinical Trials Info Form marked as mandatory in the Form subpanel

It will still say “Yes” in the Mandatory column, however it will say “No” in the include column, and “Not Available” in the Description column.

  1. Navigate to the website and click on the Forms dropdown. Forms dropdown on website
  2. Within the Forms options look for the form that was identified as mandatory, but was not included. Click the PDF link next to the form to open the form and save it to your desktop.PDF link in column next to the PHS Human Subjects and Clinical Trials Information mandatory form example
  3. Complete the form following the instructions provided in the solicitation. If the form requires attachments that have not been finalized you may attach “dummy” attachments. To revise any of the attachments that were included in the User Attached Form, you will need to delete the User Attached Form, and re-attach the revised version. This can be done while the proposal development document is in route, or any time prior to OSP's approval.
  4. Attach the form in the User Attached Forms subpanel, and click add. The add button indicated in the Actions column for the example form in the S2S User Attached Form subpanel
  5. Navigate back to the Forms subpanel. Once the mandatory User Attached Form has been attached, the form will display as follows in the Forms subpanel:PHS Human Subjects and Clinical Trials Info Form marked as included in the Form subpanel

The form now says "Yes" in the Include column, and the Description column has changed to "User Attached Form."

Other related instructions you may find helpful:

User Attached Form Templates

The below templates are commonly used for the identified agencies. Always verify that the form name and version match the version identified in the Forms panel of the S2S tab. KC Forms panel showing commonly used NIH and USDA NIFA form templates

NIH Templates

      Form G

USDA NIFA Templates

Some applications are still utilizing forms that have expired.  This is something that is set by and not Kuali Coeus.  The proposal must utilize the version of the form that is pulled in from, even if the form has expired. 

*Subaward budget forms are attached within the Budget Module on the Budget Actions tab, rather than on the S2S tab as User Attached Forms.

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