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Issue 13: Friday Updates, 8/18/17

*New* - Budget Summary Report

This week we have updated the Budget Summary Report (report number 4 on the Budget Actions, Print Forms panel). This report is similar in appearance to the Budget Costshare Summary Report, however it does not include cost sharing information. Below is a sample of what this report will look like, with names redacted.Example of updated Budget Summary Report

Key Personnel Certification Questions Now on the Summary Tab

We have received a fair amount of feedback related to the challenges faculty are experiencing with answering the PI Certification Questions in the Proposal Development document. To help with this process, we have customized KC to allow the PI Certification Questions to also be answered from the Proposal Summary tab. Now, when faculty are directed to the Proposal Summary tab to approve their proposal, they can expand the Key Personnel panel and answer the questions listed in the Proposal Person Certification subpanel. Alternatively, if the faculty member clicks the approve button without answering their certification questions they will receive an error message and the Proposal Person Certification panel will automatically be expanded for completion.Example of Key Personnel Information questions on the Proposal Summary tab

The save button within the Proposal Person Certification subpanel must be clicked in order to retain the answers to the questions. We have an additional enhancement request to increase the size of this save button, which we hope to implement in the near future.

F&A Rate Type and Rate Displaying Incorrectly in Budget Reports

If you have revised the F&A Rate Type and/or the F&A Rate, and then printed one of the budget reports, you may have noticed that the description is not refreshing with the changed information.Example of F&A (Indirect) Costs Description

If you click the Reload button button on the bottom of the Budget Actions tab it will update the F&A Rate Type description, however it does not refresh the displayed rate. We hope to have this fixed in the near future.

Note: The F&A costs are displaying correctly on the budget reports.

Friday Updates Are Changing in Name and Frequency

We hope you have enjoyed our Friday Update series as we’ve been moving through the learning curve of our new Research Administration system. We plan to continue sending regular updates on the SPA listserv, however we will be changing from weekly releases to every other week. Because we won’t be sending these updates every Friday, going forward we will be referencing our updates as KC System Implementation updates. You can expect the first KC System Implementation Update during the week of August 28th.

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