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Prepare eTransmittal Approval Form

The eTransmittal is an internal MSU web-based form used to collect key information about sponsored project activities. The form collects basic identification information such as F&A credit, project nature, budget amounts, compliance questions, pertinent document attachments and electronic signatures. Completion of the eTransmittal is required for all proposal submissions. When an eTransmittal is created an identifying number referred to as the APP number is automatically assigned and is used to track your proposal through the submission process.

eTransmittal Directions

An eTransmittal may be initiated by anyone with access to the OSP Portal.  Typically they are initiated by department or college research administrators and routed to Principal Investigators for review and approval. To initiate an eTransmittal, please click here.  After initiating an eTransmittal please send an email to OSP with the assigned app number as well as pertinent details related to the upcoming proposal submission (e.g. solicitation, PI’s name, deadline date). 

Complete the fields in the eTransmittal as follows:

Senior Key Personnel

Add Senior Key Personnel to the eTransmittal. This will usually include the Principal Investigator (PI), co-PI, and other key personnel. Please enter the lead PI first when multiple PIs are involved in the project.

  • The system pre-populates the eTransmittal with the researcher’s default F&A distribution based on what is included in the researcher’s profile.
  • For projects with one Senior Key Person within one college, input 100% into the F&A Distribution box located on the far right. For projects involving multiple Senior Key Personnel, all F&A boxes must total 100%.
  • Ensure the PI has completed his/her annual Conflict of Interest disclosure as indicated by the check box under the PI’s name. The annual disclosure is required prior to submission of NSF and PHS proposals.

Project Participants

Project participants are MSU employees or students named in the proposal, but who are not senior key personnel. Project participants must be included on the eTransmittal for NSF and PHS proposals and their role must be selected from the Participant Type dropdown.

Contacts and Sponsor Information

Enter the Contacts and Sponsor Information for the preaward and post award unit and contact information applicable to the proposal being submitted. Also enter the Direct Sponsor, entity directly providing MSU with funds, and if applicable, the Prime Sponsor, entity sponsoring the overall solicitation or project.

New Sponsor Request

If the sponsor is not already in our database, click “Request a New Sponsor.” Complete the fields presented and then click “Request.” If you have questions, please contact OSP’s main line at 517-355-5040.

Project Title & Classifications

Complete the Project Title & Classifications fields:

  • The Title must match the title provided in the proposal
  • List all countries where work will be performed in Keywords if the international activities question is marked “yes”
  • Select the Nature of the project

Project Budget

Enter the OSP approved budget information in the Project Budget section.  The amounts should include the sponsor’s share of the budget only.  Cost share commitments should not be included in the budget totals.

Other Financials

The Other Financials section should be completed with:

  • The subaward amount includes the direct and indirect costs of all subawards included in the project budget.  If no subawards, enter 0. 
  • The dollar amount of mandatory cost sharing/matching/in-kind included in the proposal. This does not include voluntary committed or uncommitted cost share.  If no mandatory cost share, enter 0. 
  • Enter the F&A Rate as determined by MSU’s F&A rate agreement or as limited by the sponsor or by an F&A waiver.  A note should be added to the eTransmittal notes when the rate is less than MSU's F&A rate agreement.

Project Details

Answer all questions in the Project Details section.


Add the following Attachments, at minimum:


Add Notes concerning the following, as applicable:


Click “Check for Errors” and address any errors in red. Then, click “Submit for Routing” to route the eTransmittal for approvals.  Required eTransmittal approvals depend on the base appointment of the Senior Key Personnel listed at the top of the eTransmittal, and at a minimum include approval by the Senior Key Personnel, the departments and colleges associated, and the Office of Sponsored Programs/Business Connect/Contract and Grant Administration. Additional approvals may be added depending on the responses to questions in the Project Details section.  For example, the Office of Planning and Budgets is added to the route if the Additional Space question is marked “yes”.

New vs. Revised eTransmittals

A new eTransmittal is required for new and supplemental funding requests, competitive renewals and resubmissions.  A revised eTransmittal may be required for certain project changes (e.g. change in senior key personnel, change in scope, significant change in the budget, etc.). Only the Office of Sponsored Programs, Business Connect or Contract and Grant Administration can create a revised eTransmittal.  Contact OSP, BC or CGA to determine if a revised eTransmittal is necessary.

eTransmittals for Pre-Proposals

A pre-proposal or Letter of Intent does not require an eTransmittal unless:

  • there are cost share commitments
  • more than 75% of the total budgeted direct costs are being subcontracted to another entity
  • solicitation or sponsor requires AOR budget review
  • intellectual property clauses that typically are not accepted by the University are included in the solicitation
  • export control review is required at the proposal stage
  • other issues are identified in the solicitation that necessitate the review and approval of the department(s) and college(s)

When these issues exist, the eTransmittal should follow the MSU Proposal Deadline Policy and be fully-routed and approved prior to the pre-proposal submission. Pre-proposals that do not need an eTransmittal but are released by OSP or require OSP signature should be provided to OSP one day in advance of the sponsor's deadline. Please follow the VPRGS approval guidelines if the pre-proposal is institutionally limited. Please contact your OSP representative if you need an online pre-proposal submitted to the sponsor.

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