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Prepare Proposal Development Document

Proposal Development documents are e-Docs that are part of the KC Proposal Development module and are linked to Budget documents in the system. The Proposal Development document e-Doc screen is comprised of a document header, twelve tabs, with action buttons appearing at the bottom (some of which are unique to individual tabs). The twelve tabs enable the user to create an electronic version of the proposal. For proposals, the Proposal Development document will accommodate all the information required by the sponsor and the institution for a System-to-System submission.

A Proposal in KC can be developed by an individual or a group. It provides detailed technical and business information pertaining to a proposed project that is presented to potential outside sponsor organizations, either unsolicited or in response to a specific funding announcement. Ideas for possible projects are submitted to sponsor agencies for their review and consideration. If the ideas proposed to the sponsor are favorable to both parties involved, the successful outcome of the proposal submission is an award agreement to the institution that gives the researcher a designated dollar amount for use in their outlined scope of work.

Creating a Proposal Development Document

A Proposal Development document may be initiated by anyone with access in Kuali Coeus (KC). Typically, they are initiated by Department or College Research Administrators and routed to Principal Investigators for review and approval; check with your College/Department to determine internal processes. To initiate a Proposal Development document, please go to the KC portal.

 View How to Create and Save a Proposal in KC.

After initiating a Proposal Development document please send an email to OSP with the assigned Proposal Number as well as pertinent details related to the upcoming proposal submission (e.g. solicitation, PI’s name, deadline date). (S2S) Proposals

This system-to-system (S2S) application submission is only available for certain federal funding opportunities. The eligibility requirements are specified by each sponsoring agency. The S2S tab facilitates submission of certain federal proposals created in Proposal Development directly to

The S2S tab in KC provides a system-to-system connection between KC and You can search for and select an eligible funding opportunity announcement via KC using an Opportunity ID or CFDA Number. When you select a funding opportunity, KC loads the S2S tab (in KC) with details and submission forms for that grant opportunity. KC will automatically run a validation check before the proposal is submitted to the website. This validation process identifies errors and omissions in your application. You may also track your submission on the S2S tab in KC.

NOTE: If a opportunity isn't compatible with KC, the Proposal Development document can be saved in xml format, imported to the package on your desktop, edited and sent as a pdf package. KC users will need Adobe Reader to open forms.

Job Aids and Videos are available on the Research Administration Project page of the OVPRGS website to assist with specific sections of the Proposal Development document. (Summary) Proposals

Summary proposals are Proposal Development documents used for all proposals except those being submitted via as described above. It is necessary to enter a minimal amount of data in KC to support routing, approval and reporting, and a majority of the information will be contained in the Internal Attachments section of the document rather than entered in KC. The Preparing a Proposal Summary document provides more information on this subject.

Routing for Approval

Once a Proposal Development document is completed, it must be routed for approvals. This is accomplished by clicking the “Route” button at the bottom of the “Proposal Actions” tab and can only be completed by someone with the Aggregator role on the document.

Data validations will automatically be engaged when a Proposal Development document is set to route, which will provide errors and warnings that may need correcting before the document can route.    

Required approvals depend on the base appointment of the Key Personnel listed in the Proposal Development document, and at a minimum include approval by the Key Personnel, the departments and colleges associated, and the Office of Sponsored Programs/Business Connect/Contract and Grant Administration. Additional approvals may be added depending on the responses to questions in the Project Details section.  For example, the Office of Planning and Budgets is added to the route if the Additional Space question is marked “yes”.

Information on Reviewing and Approving a Proposal can be found Reviewing and Approving a Proposal document and Review a Proposal in KC video.

Copying a Proposal

Copying a proposal allows you to copy an existing Proposal document into a new Proposal document for the purposes of starting a new (and very similar) proposal, resubmitting a previously submitted proposal, creating a revised budget at the Just-in-Time stage, or routing approvals for an Award Revision. You can elect to copy the proposal with or without the attachments, with or without all budget versions, or merely the final version of the budget. The copy function also provides you with a mechanism to change the Lead Unit by way of copying an existing proposal and selecting an alternate lead unit for that new proposal document. The Copy a Proposal document provides additional information.


A pre-proposal does not require a PD, except in the following situations:

  • The pre-proposal includes cost share commitments
  • The RFA indicates that there is only a 5% variance allowed between the pre-proposal budget and the full proposal budget
  • The subaward category is more than 75% of the total budgeted direct costs
  • The sponsor requires OSP budget review
  • There are intellectual property ownership and/or export control issues
  • OSP confirms or determines that the proposal requires special review or approvals

When a PD is required, it should be fully-routed and approved three business days prior to the pre-proposal submission, in accordance with the MSU Proposal Deadline Policy.

For pre-proposals that are submitted by OSP, or require OSP signature, please notify/provide documents to OSP one business day in advance of the sponsor deadline.

Please contact your OSP representative for more guidance and never assume that an on-line submission will be automatically released to the sponsor by OSP. This is a common misunderstanding for the National Science Foundation pre-proposal submission process.

OSP recommends that the PI seek Research Dean concurrence before pre-proposal submission if the PI doesn’t meet MSU's PI eligibility requirements.

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